Kit # 2 Track & Carriage Purchase

Kit # 2
Track & Carriage 4 Roll Quilt Frame Kit
Upsized 9" x 18" Top Carriage Platform
$195.00 Includes Free Priority Shipping
(within the
Please Note: I am not a commercial company. I provide quilters with these key kit parts to assist them with building there own low cost track and carriage quilt frame.  It is to costly in time and shipping to accept returns.
This frame has end connectors with Threaded studs and wing nuts for tightening) 
The frame is designed by an artisan quilter for Sitting comfortably while you work The quilt frame is the perfect solution for the handy person to build their own track and carriage machine quilting frame with the components provided and a few extra items available at a home center or hardware store
This frame is being used in several countries around the world by artisan quilters. It is one of the best most useable machine quilting frames at any price.
The quilt frame Design maximizes the use of your home sewing machine. It was designed for those desiring to sit comfortably and utilize their home sewing machine to produce astounding results
The frame will do a wide range of quilting on "shoestring” budgets without compromising functionality.
The frame provides the features of frames costing Ten times as much as the cost of the kit
The design provides excellent visibility and flexibility allowing the artisan to work close to your work.
The frame kits are hand made and are not a mass manufactured item.
I make a few frames to share with other quilters. The frames are listed as used because I use both new and recycled materials. I use recycled wheels that have 2 sets of ball bearings. They are what I use and prefer on my own frames. All the fasteners are new. The wood is mixed veneered plywood's
The kit requires about $15- $25.00 worth of supplies commonly availably at a local hardware store to make the tracks and rolls and miscellaneous hardware* (the cost of shipping the supplies is more than the cost of purchasing locally.)* Depending on the width of the tracks and rails you desire. Email me for a drawing of the tracks you build.

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Unknown said...

I am interested in purchasing this kit. My machine is a Babylock Jazz and measures 9x24. Will it fit on this kit and how much would it cost to ship to Texas.