Kit # 7 Artisan PVC Frame Purchase

Artisan Quilt Frame Kit

$135.00 Includes Free Priority Shipping
(within the
US)Shipping world wide Contact me for current pricing
This frame has end connectors with Tight Locking Roll Connectors.
Please Note: I am not a commercial company. I provide quilters with these key kit parts to assist them with building there own low cost track and carriage quilt frame.  It is to costly in time and shipping to accept returns.

With this kit you make it any width you desire. The kit includes the end frames and connectors for the rolls. YOU provide the rolls (made from 1/2" electrical conduit and the long PVC pipes for the frame) The cost of shipping would be more than purchasing these items locally.

This frames works totally different from the track and carriage type frames. With this frame the sewing machine remains stationary and the frame and quilt are moved. This frame is the absolutely the most maneuverable frame made. It has 4 steel ball bearings mounted under the end frames that allow the frame and quilt to move effortlessly in any direction .

New for 2016!

The end frames are provided you provide the long PVC pipes and the rolls

The frame is easily guided by effortless steel ball bearings
Check out the video

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barbara perez said...

how do I order one?

Cody Nowicki said...

How can I order one?

Ken said...

Thank you,
The buy now link is

Jade Graham said...

I think that thanks for the valuabe information and insights you have so provided here.

Sheila Rae said...

Could I find out how much it would cost to ship to UK.