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hammy and papa said...

Hi, saw your site this evening and wonder if you have a local business to see your products. I just bought a used Grace frame. Not sure of the model??? Maybe 3 something? I have not used it yet, but would be interested if your products are compatible and if I could use one of my many home machines to sit and do quilting. I'm here in SLC. Thanks, Kathleen

barbara perez said...

A friend sent me your you tube page link, on the Artisan frame, I saw the video and I would like to order one. but I cant find It? it was on ebay but I didn't have the funds. I finally have a full time job for the last 7 months, and I wanted it for Christmas,but I'm ready now but can't find it.
Can you send me info on how to buy one?
Barbara in Kissimmee, Fl. We lived in Murray, UT.
We moved back to Kissimmee 2 yrs. ago. I miss Utah and all the great quilt shops. Quilt etc. was my favorite.
Barbara M. Perez
"Have Faith Be kind"

jeanette Bester said...

Hi Ken, I would like to order kitt#2
I am in New Zealand and have emailed yiu. Ready to ordee now. Jeanette

Rosa Miller said...

I'm interested in purchasing one of your frames. How do I go about doing that?