Choosing the right frame for your work

Choosing a quilt frame that will be the right fit for you.

Since the width of all of the kits I make are customized by you, can make the setup to quilt the sizes of quilts you desire.

There are considerations to take into account when choosing your frame. My recommendations are to consider the types and sizes of the quilts you make.

I personally consider all hand made quilts pieces of art. If you are making those works of art into utilitarian quilts for use on beds then you will need a frame best suited for that purpose.

The track and carriage kits come in two basic configurations, Two roll and four roll.

With the 2 roll design you baste all the quilt layers together and one roll holds the un quilted quilt while the other roll holds the finished quilting.

With the four roll design there is a roll for; the quilt top, the quilt backing, the batting and one roll for the finished quilting.

The other options for the track and carriage kits is the type of end connectors and the size of the carriages and side roll mounting frames.

The standard kits use a 8"x16" top platform and the upsized kits use a 9"x18" top platform.

There are 2 choices in the end connectors that fit on the 1/2" steel conduit rolls you make for your kit. The most economical is the stud and wing nut design that I have used for te past 6 years. The other type has a threaded coupling that has a much tighter holding grip.

My take on how tight to tension the quilt while quilting is to not over tighten. I think machine quilting a tightly stretched quilt can lead to a lot of puckering when and if the quilt is washed. (Pre washing the fabric also reduces puckering.)

My Artisan frame is super good for small lap, baby and art quilts. It works completely different from the track and carriage type frame. With this kit the sewing machine remains stationary and the frame and quilt moves. The disadvantage of this frame is it required adequate table width to move the frame. Take a look at the video to see how it works.
The table width issue can be negated with the use of multiple tables.

(for more information or questions please contact me)

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I am interested in purchasing this kit a and would like to know the price and does that include the rolls or is that a separate price said...

Please supply price list

Shelley said...

Yes indeed, I’m also interested in purchasing a quilt frame, but have no idea how to go about doing this or what the prices are. I have tried emailing Mr. Lund at his wasatchart gmail account but no response for the past month. Does anyone know how to order one of these frames? Or how to get in touch by phone? Thanks.